New Exhibits for 2016

Museum volunteers have been busy over the winter months preparing new displays for this season. Come along and find out more about Life and Work in Scalloway in our central section, with some beautiful historic textiles. Find out about local people’s involvement in the whaling industry, long before people understood the nature and fragility of these… (read more)

Playing Games at the Scalloway Museum

The Pottinger family from East Voe, Scalloway enjoy playing kubb at the Scalloway Museum on the day after Up Helly Aa. Posted from the Scalloway Museum

2016 Season Dates

The Scalloway Museum will be open this year from Saturday 16th April to Sunday 2nd October. Please Note: We will also be opening for the week of the Up Helly Aa festival in Lerwick, from Saturday 23rd January to Saturday 30th January. We look forward to seeing you!

Fair Isle Demonstration

Cathie Leask, Volunteer demonstrates Fair Isle knitting to Helene Magnusson, from Iceland, Pandora Mayo, from Essex and Theodora Skuladottir (Helene,s daughter) on Saturday. Posted from the Scalloway Museum

Women makk while Men Yakk

Robbie Johnson, Curator and Robbie Arthur rest easy while the women knit and chat in the Scalloway Museum. Posted from the Scalloway Museum

Makkin and Yakkin during Wool Week

Scalloway Museum were delighted to welcome visitors from all over the world to its ever-popular makkin and yakkin session on Thursday. Posted from the Scalloway Museum

Wool Week Hat

Celia Collins from Australia shows Barbara Johnson the hat which she knitted following the Wool Week pattern. Celia used wool from various locations throughout the world to complete the garment, making a wonderful collection of memories. Posted from the Scalloway Museum

Fair Isle Knitting at Scalloway Museum

Barabara Johnson and Rosabel Halcrow demonstrate Fair Isle knitting during Wool Week in the Scalloway Museum (top picture). In the lower picture, Monica Daniel from York, Alex Daniel from Tadcaster and Ekaterina Chukanova from Russia enjoy an informal makkin session at the Scalloway Museum. Posted from the Scalloway Museum